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Dr R S Shilling, Consultant Anaesthetist

Working Attitude: Polite, professional, knowledgeable, quick to follow up ideas but not pushy

Service: Been dealing with PC for one year now and received good advice, helped me to invest wisely and I am very impressed with their service. Hope this will be a very long and trusted friendship and service

Recommendation: Already recommended two friends


Mr R Fell, Executive Producer, BBC TV

Working attitude: I found George's attitude helpful, informed, friendly and polite

Service: The service was very good, adapting to the situation as it changed and evolved without worry

Recommendation: I would heartily recommend Professional Capital to anyone seeking personal financial advice

Dr J Williams, Plastic Surgeon

Working Attitude: Highly professional

Service: Very personal and detailed

Recommendation: I am so glad that someone like George looks after my financial affairs, I am grateful for his advice and thoroughly recommend his services


Dr G Ozcan-Taskin, Technical Director, BHR Group

Working attitude: Very professional, high level of knowledge

Service: Prompt, analytical

Recommendation: Highly recommended

Dr T Taskin, Managing Director, Transportation Technologies Ltd

Working attitude: Friendly, hands on, attention to detail

Service: First class, honest

Recommendation: They helped me restructure my current investments and pension portfolio and I recommend their services without any reservation


Mr G Chambers, Managing Partner

Working attitude: Professional at all times

Service: Very personal, excellent, helpful

Recommendation: I would recommend Professional Capital to any business and private investor, particularly in reference to retirement planning and Inheritance tax

Mr J Wray, Veterinary Surgeon

We have been impressed by PC's friendliness, well constructed and easily understandable advice and avoidance of jargon.

We were also very impressed by the attention to detail, company philosophy and attitude which made us feel valued as clients and secure that our future and long term interests were a shared concern.

Mr N Mandafounis, IT Strategist, Coca Cola Europe

Working attitude: I have dealt with a number of financial firms but PC display a high level of professionalism, personal service and knowledge

Service: Thorough, Prompt, it is nice to know that a professional firm is looking after your hard earned money

Recommendation: I decided to deal with PC because they work with a small number of clients and provide the service they promise


Dr D Smith, Management Consultant

Working attitude: George's approach to financial planning is very thorough as he provides coordinated and comprehensive financial planning

Service: I am very impressed with the reporting process that helps me evaluate my position regularly & make better decisions. I also like the idea of paying fees as you guaranteed to receive unbiased advice

Recommendation: I have recommended George to many of my friends and I will continue to do so without any hesitation

Dr M Sehmi, Dentist

Working attitude: Very friendly, and genuine

Service: So far they delivered a very efficient advisory service

Recommendation: I was looking to invest my pension funds into a drawdown plan for my retirement, and also generate income from my investments. I decided to go ahead with Professional Capital because I was overly impressed with the recommendations and approach to investing that proved to be very effective in the current market climate.


Mr A R Taylor, National Transport & Logistics Manager, AI (UK ) Ltd

Working attitude: I have found PC very professional in their approach and they provide clear and concise information on investments. What can be a complex and daunting subject for most people is presented in easily understandable format

Service: In my opinion PC provide a tailored service designed for individual clients. Regular contact is maintained, and interviews conducted in a professional and relaxed atmosphere

Recommendation: I have no hesitation in recommending PC to anyone seeking professional financial advice


Mr S Rosset, Bond Trader, UBS

Working attitude: Extremely professional

Service: Tailor made and detailed

Recommendation: Very happy with the level of investment advice so far, and recommend Professional Capital to anyone who wants a personal and quick response to any financial needs