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Retirement Planning

Pre-Retirement Planning

Retirement tends to be the part of life that most people look toward after their working days are through. However, the face of retirement is changing. People are living longer and enjoying healthier and more active retirement years. This can make planning for a financially secure retirement more challenging. It will take greater resources to provide for this extended
period of time. This portion of your financial plan evaluates your sources of income after you retire. We can provide projections assuming retirement at different dates or ages. Obviously, the longer you work and the longer your funds can accumulate, the more potential income will be available.

The Retirement Plan Analysis will include consideration of the timing and tax efficiency of distributions from your retirement assets. It will also assist you in understanding the alternatives available to you and the ramifications of elections to be made relative to your employee benefits and other plans.

We will develop customised displays reflecting your sources of income
upon retirement, estimate income taxes on that amount, and compare the result to your after-tax retirement income goal, the amount you need to meet your expenses. To be realistic, your expenses will be inflated to
reflect the effects of inflation on your purchasing power.

Our retirement planning will include an analysis of the capital you need to invest and the rate of return you need to achieve to be able to attain your desired retirement income.