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Financial Planning Process

The purpose of a client's financial plan is to fund current and/or future financial objectives. Our process includes an analysis of:

  • Financial goals
  • Current and projected net worth
  • Cash flow
  • Income & estate taxes
  • Employee benefits
  • Current investment & retirement statements, etc. from which we can glean the necessary information
  • Needs for current income or liquidity.
  • The appropriate allocation of investment assets and risk tolerance which we believe are the most important components in developing a successful financial plan

From the data provided, we will develop a financial report containing our analysis with observations and recommendations to meet your specified objectives

  • When you receive your financial report, it is your decision whether to implement the recommendations, either completely or in part
  • We regard the responsibility for preparing your written financial plan as a very important and personal relationship

Your financial plan is a living document, reviewed periodically (regular reviews take place on request only) and adjusted appropriately. Whatever your unique situation may be, everyone needs a periodic assessment of where he/she is on the road to meeting his/her financial goals.

We work with people based on their preferences and needs. Some may want a second opinion or help on a specific situation. Others would like more comprehensive, coordinated financial advice.


There are a lot of different plans that must be identified, addressed and ultimately integrated:


Risk Management Plan

We assess the risks you face in such areas as life, health, disability, long-term care.

Income Tax Plan

We review your tax returns, analyse your current and projected income tax exposure, and make recommendations on how to reduce your future income tax liability.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Assistance in outlining wealth objectives, defining risk tolerances, determining capital and income needs, and establishing risk and return expectations in order to construct strategic asset allocations that incorporate diversification techniques into a tax efficient portfolio.

Retirement Plan

We project your cash flows from now until the end of your working life and estimate the potential shortfall, if any. We can then show you the effect that different changes you could make in your life (such as how much you invest per year, and how you allocate your portfolio) would have on your odds of success.

Investment Plan

We thoroughly analyse your current portfolio, provide an extensive review of existing investments and help you develop investment objectives, write a detailed investment report based on your investment policy and preferred risk level, and design a portfolio of specific collective funds. During this process, we show you how to eliminate unnecessary risk, minimise taxes and expenses, and generate any currently needed income.

Estate Plan

We design a plan to achieve your estate planning objectives, such as minimizing estate taxes while ensuring that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes. We ensure that all the necessary estate planning documents (wills, beneficiary designations, trusts, powers of attorney, etc.) are present and in order. We also review any current liquidity or business succession plans and make recommendations as appropriate.

We can provide counseling, guidance and/or resources for you. We want our clients to know that they can call on us with any and all of their financial concerns. Clients are encouraged to call us when they have a major life event, such as a new job, a baby, a marriage or divorce, or if they are planning to buy a new home or start their own business.